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12:46 a.m. - 2008-07-12

It starts (for real this time)

There might not be a comic tomorrow. Im going to a wedding, and it depends on how late I get home. Depends on if I have ANY time whatsoever to do it.

OH LORD- HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! GOOD JOB, JERK FACE!!!! XD Dont you love it when protesters get their spelling wrong? GENYUS!fail owned pwnd pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

YAY Im home! Im glad to have had a little vacation, but Im glad to be home. It was so good to see Gramma and Aunty V. I missed them both and I still do. I wish, theyd hurry up and invent teleporters so I could just visit them instantly. :( Whenever I wanted. Because after coming home, I just couldnt live in the OK. I love - the coast TOO much! Most of my family and friends are still here.

The bus ride was fine. My pod was fully charged, thanks to Aunty V, so I had music the whole way. Because I was already bored to death, in spite of the scenery. We were 30 minutes late because our bus overheated and we had to pull over and cool down. Other than that, it went good.


259 to go...

I think this is what Owen Wilson would look like if he got it fixed. You know.

Mina's Daily Drool...haahaha

Well Fine. Gwyn didn't want to share here final Stampede DD anyway:P


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