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12:26 a.m. - 2008-07-23

'Freckles' sounded so much cuter


In case some of you forgot, Im still allergic to beef. My friends forgot multiple times before they finally got fed up with me throwing up everywhere when I visited them. Ok that never happened.

Actually, I was looking at myself in the mirror today and DID discover little freckles I dont remember having before and I was like "awww, cutes!!" because I like freckles. And then "age spots" came into mind and I LOLED and thought it would make a good comic. I wish I had more. I do like freckles.

Im such a nerdy fan girl I just realized its one month since I met...*cough* the TWINS. Mind you I still remember the date I met Gerry. But I cant remember my friends anniversaries! I should be disowned! T_T

Today Im sharing links and images and articles that interested me.

Im gunna take a guess: This bible hasnt been read in a long LONG time.

These are called Christmas Tree Worms for a obvious, reason.

Ok I sent my grandma a link to pictures of trees and bikes but I think it didnt work (the link was non-clickable grrr) so HERE IT IS Grandma. Scroll all the way down, you should enjoy it!


This creaturehere, here, here, here and here is my new favorite nudibranch. What is a nudibranch? Its a sea slug! This one is called a blue sea dragon. I think they are bizarre but gorgeous. If you'd like to see more colorful sea slugs click here for a gallery.

WOW, pictures from Estonia of strange winter weather. CHECK IT OUT~! Scroll down

Dear God. I promise never to complain about my height again; 14 year old Jyoti Amge is from India and is only 1'11 and 11 lbs. The amazing thing about her is her spirit. Even though shes smaller than a 2 year old, she is always smiling in photos and is proud of her height. She is the worlds smallest teenager, and unlikely to grow any more. Look at this article here, theres even more pictures (youll have to scroll inside the box), she seems to love the camera.

The babirusa. Aka Pig Deer

A video of the critically endangered Sumatran Rhino (in a zoo) giving birth. (Its not graphic or gross). I think the mother and baby are strange looking but cute.

Ive never seen anything like this in my LIFE. Compassion in nature.

Lastly, here is a video Lita should appreciate:

Remember these bears hunt wulrus, seals, penguins and WHALES, but hes playing with huskies. ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!

247 to go...

Today is too long to post anything


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