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1:29 a.m. - 2008-06-10

Most. Warped. Punch line. Ever.

XD!!!!!!!!11 Its not true, I dont actually have a thing for amputees. LMAO... um, not that I would care either way..!!!!!!

I have done so much research on this, to find out if Mina can really give consent. See, I know that when novelists write, they do extensive research and might even have someone who works for them and does research for them, and they might even come in contact with experts. I have none of that. Ill spend HOURS perusing the internet for some indication of the answers Im looking for.

Here is one instance: here. A husband gave consent for his wife to have all her limbs removed!! Scary story. Read it. Im still not totally clear on this position, not being a lawyer of the type who might know, but if Colin was not able to make a rational decision, and the situation was literally "Life or limb", then the doctors could ask for emergency consent.

The best info I found on the web:
"Advance directives have been available in parts of the United States since the late 1980s, but research shows that only a small percentage (5% to 25%) have some form of written advance directive. Advance directives allow a competent person to express who should be a decision maker and what preferences the patient may have.

Psychiatric advance directives are a legal means by which a person with mental illness, while competent to make health care decisions, may specify his or her preferences for treatment and may designate a surrogate decision maker to act on his or her behalf in the event of an incapacitating mental health crisis.

When informed consent is not viable for the patient, and he or she does not have advance directives, the process of surrogate decision making is initiated. Surrogate decision making refers to the process in which a loved one has to make a medical decision because the patient's judgment is incapacitated. Surrogate decision makers reach decisions for those with fluctuating decision making capacity that is doubtful and thus need to be aware of all the side effects in order to make decisions on behalf of someone else."

Sorry I didnt update yesterday. I was just so damn tired.

291 to go...


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