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3:20 a.m. - 2006-09-26

Open mouth, insert several feet.

Why is Indy the target of wearing a cheap costume? Someone had to, besides that; She actually has a cheap-o batman cape that she bought for less than 2$ in a sale bin at the Canadian Superstore. I kid not! It was supposed to be for a girls night out stagette---though not really a stagette...anyway.

Mina's initial comment is not that unusual, I have opened my mouth on occasion to laugh when it was not appropriate. I was in the mall with friends and saw a Chinese man wearing a very old, dirty, ugly coon skin cap that looked so rediculous I burst out laughing at him. Doenst happen often, fortunitly.

Im still ticked with Charlie but Im talking to him again at the very least. Ill get over it, but I know I cant trust him. I have to get a lid to protect the next fish.

SO my mother had a doctors appointment today, and she comes home afterward (my dad went with) and shes like "I have a new doctor, hes wonderful! He is so thorough and puts you at ease" and I was like "Oh yea." and she said "You should switch over, to him, from Dr. Shah." Well, I hate doctors (well, going to them) and I hate having to see a new doctor, but out of curiousity, I said "Who is your new doctor" and my mom or dad answerd "Doctor Omelchenko" and I was like O_O !!!!!!! That was the hot doctor that I told you that I was examined by when I had a cold/flu/sinus problem a few months ago!! Mmmph! Remember I made 2 comics in his hotness honour? Hahha---yup. Omelchenko comic 1 and Omelchenko comic 2. Man, I dont know if I should have him as my doctor; Id be making every excuse to get sick! LOL.



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