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3:30 a.m. - 2008-05-15

One more thing

Yesterdays comic...the houses in the background, I didnt TECHNICALLY draw them. I traced a house, because getting a perfectly straight line freehand (without using a tool brush) is pretty much impossible. I can draw a house on paper if I really put my mind to it and concentrate but with time constraints I wasnt about to draw the houses by eyeballing them, while using a tool brush. I just straight up traced from a image of a house I found on the net. I dont care that its traced. The characters are freehand, but Ive used clip art in the past for small objects. Not as much now. I wanted to have an actual house that wasnt just a photo of a house.

I love brown, I cannae escape it.

"A helicopter in the southwestern Canadian city of Cranbrook, B.C, 832 kilometres east of Vancouver crashed yesterday killing all three passengers on board and a Kenyan on the ground. Isaiah Otieno, 23, was crossing the street to mail a letter when the helicopter fell on him, dragging him a few metres before exploding into flames killing him instantly." Full story. Thats pretty sad. Apparently, he was wearing his MP3 player at the time, so he didnt even HEAR it coming. Sad, sad.

Its raised the issue of "ipod" saftey on the news. Not only do ipod users run the risk of not hearing traffic around them, but police often answer calls of people who have been victims of ipod-mp3 player theft. You know, when I wear my headphones, Im extra vigilant about watching traffic. Maybe my risk is higher but Im aware of that risk and I keep my eye open. Maybe a car could come barrelling at me from out of nowhere and hit me on the side walk, but lets face it, that doesnt happen that often and the helicopter killing a guy - WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

As for Ipod theft, I was thinking- I should carry both MP3 players in my pocket, the old Sony player and my Ipod touch. If some thug demands it, I pull out the headphones quicky and give them the OLD player- theyd never know the difference.

As you wish. Although I dont find him attractive, I always liked THIS pic.

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