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2:36 a.m. - 2008-05-05

I was so cute when I was little, what happened??

I did say that. I was precocious. Oh and this comic was my grandmas idea.

This was when I was cute. Marginally.
When I was cute

Yea Mina didnt go back home. Grandma threw her purse at Mina as she was running and dragged her home. Ok that never happened.

Sorry there was no update yesterday. I went to the beach with friends and we lit a was pretty good times. Um. Yea so I didnt get home till about 1:30 and I had some stuff to do when I got home, so yea, there was no time to do the comic. Besides sometimes I need a night off.

Oh yea, as usual I was one of the oldest people there. This guy, who shall be nameless, Rueben, says "What year were you born?" and I said "1979" and he goes "YOURE 40!?" and Im like "OMG! You dont even know math!" and he says "I dont even know math? What does that mean?" And we proceeded to laugh hysterically for five minutes. It was so ...strange. Actually, Lita knows him, he said "Didnt you used to hang out with Lita S?" And I said "Yea, but she's Lita B now." He says "SHE GOT DIVORCED?" Im like "NO!! B is her married name, S was her maiden name!" He says "OH. I guess thats how rumors get started." What a knob. I set him straight Lita, I set him straight.

Dad asks me today what we did yesterday (Typical) and I said we went to Cresant beach and lit a bonfire. He says "Thats illegal you know" and I said "Really? Well, I dont care, I didnt light it." Honestly? If the cops came and issued us a fine I would NOT be contributing to paying because it was neither my idea and I was NOT the one to light it.



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