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2:54 a.m. - 2008-05-17

UM, Mina, love does not keep account of the injury...."Whatever!"

I have an excellent memory, I remember EVERYTHING...except the stuff people tell me in the morning.

New blog from Ryan(not Dan):

We are very excited to be able announce our first headline tour which will take us across Canada. We will be performing the following dates:

23rd June 2008 Stanley Theatre in Vancouver, BC ...We are really looking forward to seeing you all; hopefully we will be able to actually meet you at the shows! (Italics mine.)

*dies* *dies repeatedly*

I WOULD DIE if I got to met Ryan, Dan or Ryan and Dan! GAH!!!!!! OMG!!! *soils* Oops.

Mother said she was going out, she came home several hours later after shopping for whatever (a couple ties for dad, for one) and she BROUGHT ME A STARBUCKS grande mild coffee with cream! SHE KNOWS ME!! You know, I really am the easiest person to please. My boyfriend doesnt have to bring flowers and chocolates and diamond rings and sparkly things!! Just a coffee.

As long as its not McDonalds. YOU VILE BETRAYER!063

This is a powerful commercial from the UK. What kids see, kids do. Warning: Flipping the bird, may offend.

Give him a gold star for creativity. I want MY man to do that for me.

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