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2:32 a.m. - 2008-05-01

Mina and her grandma

GRANDMA!! If theres ANYTHING about your characters look that you DONT like CALL MEEEEEEEE right away and I can fix it (easily)!!! But maybe you should call me on my cell, I think dad is suspicious that I called you out of the blue. He thinks we're plotting his demise.

Are we?


I used a real pic of her to go by. Isnt it interesting, my character looks quite a bit like her, eh?

Im so tired I want to die. But no! I have a renewed reason for living! The concert. And one other thing. Oh and one other thing. So three things. Yea. Woo! Go me!! No wait, maybe four. YAY.

I called my grandma tonight and asked her if she wanted to be my comic grandma, and she said yes!! 034

I still think Gerry is the hottest man alive but I think adorable is what really does it for me. Hot is too much for me...It turns my brain into the intelligence of a fried egg. Mind you...never mind.

He could save your life using only a straw, a rubber band, a paper clip and a thumb tack. Guess who! Suggested by IM

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