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2:58 a.m. - 2008-05-22

Indiana Jones and the Medicine Cabinet of Doom

I dunno about the title. I imagine if Indy is really old he'll be going to get pills in his medicine cabinet a lot. Sometimes those doors can get real sticky. Not to mention if someone puts marbles in them...hehehehhe!! I could have gotten nasty with the title but I didnt want to be RUDE...>.>


HOT(scary thing is I know someone who looks just like this...)

and NOT. Sorry if you love him, but he just looks ....elderly now.

Open mic night with Derrick was awesome. He sang 2 songs, "Pieces" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and we sang "My Immortal" together. I was so nervous I didnt even LOOK at the crowd. I fudged up slightly on one line...and so did he but all in all it was a really successful attempt. My voice didnt crap out on me under strain. Its important to exercise your voice before using it like that. I gotta few compliments here and there so I must have been ok. It was in a coffee shop, The Wired Monk in Crescent Beach.

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