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12:58 a.m. - 2008-05-12

Suffer the children

One of my pet peeves is women who cant figure out how to arch their eyebrows correctly, and the mother in the background is an example of this. As an artist, I know what looks good, so lady, YOURE DOIN IT WRONG. OH and the mother is sporting a hairstyle I want to try on Mina, what do you think of it?

AND YES. I ENDORSE DISCIPLINE AND SPANKING but not ACTUAL BEATING of children so dont get your knickers in a knot, your panties in a bunch, your bloomers in a bind...yada yada yada...

Oh yea me and mom were driving home and two kids were walking directly in front of our cars path. As they hear us coming, one kid moves, but the other continues to DEFIANTLY walk in front of our car, as if he's so freaking hilarious. Finally the little snot nosed STD brat gets out of the way, thinkin he's so smart. I say to mom "I dont believe in kids acting like idiots". Mother wisely says "I dont believe in kids". XD

I watched To Sir With Love tonight, have you ever seen it? Its actually an amazing movie...If youve never seen it, see it!


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