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12:37 a.m. - 2008-06-08


Now Im sure youre all expecting the surgeon will come out and ask Mina to make the decision, right? But, what will she say? STAY TOONED for tomorrow!! :D

!!! My parents went over to some friends place tonight and these friends have their niece and nephew from out of town staying with them and the kids have a Wii and my parents got to try the Wii for the first time! They played golf, tennis and bowling. My parents didnt like the tennis. Apparently tehy couldnt time it to hit the ball, and my mom was so bad she sent her character running into the crowd watching. I DIDNT even know that you could do that!! But how cute. They actually thought it was fun. Welcome to 2008, peeps.

I went over to my friend Liz's tonight, we ended up watching a movie and Derrick played his guitar and we sang along. We're gunna practice "Wont go home without you" (Maroon 5) and we're gunna go to the Wired Monk again to sing it. Im going to try to memorize the song.

292 to go...

urgh, I feel ill...not tonight.




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