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1:13 a.m. - 2008-04-09

Colin doesnt even LIKE sports.

HARHARHAR I was over at someones house last week and they went and rushed to the TV to watch the game and find out the score (Hockey, what else) and I shouted "What inning is it?" HARHARHARHAR.

LITA won the quiz and the right to see the pic of the bebe, but you can still take the quiz if youre interested. Everyone esle. FAIL.
Dimples Quiz

OH MY GOODNESS. Baby in India born with TWO FACES. Worshiped as Goddess, of course.

Tomorrow I shall see...wait. Today! I shall see Nims Island. "Are you going to go see Nims Island, Mina?" STUPID QUESTION. Gerard Butler, duh! No, Im going to see it for Jodie Foster! FOols.

Oh and if its nice on Saturday, Im going to have a mini-vacation in Vancouver, phone off, sketch paper in hand, camera in pocket. I need to clear my mind. Its not in a ...sane place right now so it needs a little break from reality.

Then Monday, resume+craigslist=wait+me=Fail.


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