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1:28 a.m. - 2010-03-03

Technological malfunction

This happened.

At 2:30 am my cell phone decides to randomly turn on and off over and over. When it wakes us up, I have to then spend the next 5 minutes fumbling around in the dark for it, you know how it is. Then I finally find it and S is like "Its 2:30 in the morning!" Now that is something I might expect a parent to say to a kid(s) who are up that late on a school night, theyre actually doing something wrong, but my cell's sudden malfunction was hardly my fault! LOL, so that in itself made it hilarious. So as illustrated I went into the bathroom and struggled for about 5 more minutes to get the stupid battery out, and then went off to bed. And then she informs me as in the comic, "It amplifies the sound!" LOL! Again, how would I know that unless I have two sets of ears!?? Hahahahha but its ok, I dont expect anyone to think logically at night. In fact, S is famous for talking in her sleep, maybe I was talking to her subconscious! LMAO!!!!!!1

Honestly I think this is one of the funniest things that happened the whole trip besides the whole "Danny's peeking!" thing. Oh god. That makes tears come up. Tears of laughter, rememberance and missingness. :(

I have to work tomorrow. *CRIES* I dont want to! Im not fully recovered! THIS SUCKS.

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