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2:11 a.m. - 2008-04-25

Well at least shes holding it by both feet.

From Wikipedia: The Lamaze Technique is a prepared childbirth technique developed in the 1940s by French obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze as an alternative to the use of medical intervention during labor. Dr. Lamaze was influenced by Soviet childbirth practices, which involved breathing and relaxation techniques under the supervision of a "monitrice" or midwife. The Lamaze method gained popularity in the United States after Marjorie Karmel wrote about her experiences in her 1959 book Thank You, Dr. Lamaze.

Modern Lamaze childbirth classes teach expectant mothers breathing techniques and often other ways to work with the labor process to reduce the pain often associated with childbirth, such as hot and cold packs, changing positions, the use of a "birthing ball" to remain in an upright position, and orgasm(!) to induce or hasten labor.

The typical Lamaze class consists of at least 12 hours of instruction and includes no more than 12 couples. Here's what the class covers:

Normal labor, birth, and the early postpartum period (using videos of real births)
How to be active and informed participants during childbirth
Focused breathing techniques for labor
Other relaxation techniques and natural strategies to help you work with labor pain, such as massage, walking, position changes, and hydrotherapy
Tips to help your partner be encouraging and supportive during labor
The value of one-on-one professional support during labor
How to communicate with your health care team so your needs are met
Complications that could arise during labor and birth, and interventions that might be medically necessary
Epidurals and other options for managing pain with medication
Early interaction with your baby

I may delete part of this blog later for content and length. Already censuring myself. YAY.

Id just like to reiterate, if you didnt read yesterdays reblog, someone was a little confused by my statement "Im not in danger from pedophiles (Since Im not a pedo anymore WTFreak!)". I wasnt confessing to once being a -ew- you know what. What I was saying is, "Im not in danger from pedophiles (Since Im not a CHILD anymore WTFreak)" Since "pedo" means child. Just wanted to say that again in case you missed the reblog.

I think we now have an understanding as to why my comic must remain private. If something as simple as flowers from a loved one can be CENSURED imagine what might happen to an "outed" web comic? "Why would you want to put that on the internet?" "Are you talking to strangers?" "I dont think that joke was very funny, it was rude." "Why do you have a daily drool?" Ya, nooooooo thanks. I dont need more frustration than I already have.

As to why I live with them for so long, well, first of all, in the culture Ive grown up in, its not really that taboo to do so. Ive had several other friends who lived with their parents PAST their 30s, so its not really frowned on, kind of like fundamentalist mormons accept polygamy as normal. What is NOT as accepted is not being married nearing or past the 30s. I remember this guy I used to know who was still single at 33, and someone I knew, (MW's mom) said "Hes still single, something must be wrong with him." Thats fairly insulting right there. But yea, its not really taboo in the culture I grew up in as it is in some of the world. I know, in North America, people who live with their parents at or near 30 are the targets of jokes and called losers, even if their working full time!! That hardly seems fair. Do you think Im a loser? I mean think of it, "He lives in his mothers basement with his Star Wars figurines" - how many times have you heard that stereotype? The fact is, for people who move out in their late teens to early 20s are more likely to move BACK in for financial reasons than those who move out later. Another fact is that its not really anyones business who I choose to live with. Clearly, I want to move out, Im currently looking for LIVABLE WAGES, not minimum wages. The cost of living is very high here, and gas(I dont drive but its affecting food prices) and food prices have just shot up, the cost of owning a home is at an all time high. My family lives pay check to pay check, do you think it will be any easier for me? Maybe slightly, since Im only supporting myself, but barely. I dont receive any money from my parents though, I earn my own and buy with my own money.

I love my parents a lot and so I guess the short answer is that they are actually pretty easy to get along with MOST TIMES but sometimes things come up that just make me more angry than you can imagine. Like yesterdays fiasco. The older I get the less I can tolerate those things thats why its time to say goodbye.

Bah another day


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