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12:00 a.m. - 2008-06-20

Supportive wife? Not so much.



Right Courtney? HAAHAHAHAHAHA. We....well. I have a sadistic little mind and I love to make him BLEED and suffer. Not why I had him loose the leg though. :p Making Colin bleed is more fun than a barrel monkeys, on fire, with their tails tied together.


Oh and this thread confirms it. THEY SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS AND TOOK PICS WITH FANS AT THE TORONTO SHOW!!! If they dont at ours I will DIE. DIE OF A BROKEN HEART. D: Dont let me down boys!

According to the news The sixth foot found was actually an animal paw inserted into a shoe and was a hoax. If the person who did this is found they will be charged with criminal mischeif.

WOW I saw this on the news and was completely disgusted. A 12 year old girl took her father to COURT to get her "unfair" grounding overturned. AND WON. OK, first of all, HOW DOES A 12 year old GET A LAWYER IN ORDER TO DO THIS? Did she have one? Its mind boggling. Second of all, if she was my kid she'd get her butt beat into next week for doing that. Mind you, she'd probably call child protective services and SUE YOUR BUTT into next week. But yea. She deserves a slap up side the head. AND POSTING PICS ON A DATING SITE? 13 year olds thinking theyre in love is a joke. BTW, according to another article I read, the girl got her mother on her side and thats how she took the dad to court. SICK!

281 to go...

Im featuring this whole set because theyre so yum. So seven days beans!

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