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4:00 a.m. - 2010-06-15

A ring exchange

I will often say I dont really like the traditional wedding stuff people do here in North America. However one thing that is the traditional, I suppose is getting a GOLD ring. I want a gold one! NOT WHITE GOLD. What color is gold when it is harvested from wherever? IS IT WHITE??


ITS YELLOW. (Whereas most other pure metals are gray or silvery white, gold is yellow. A common white gold formulation consists of 90 wt.% gold and 10 wt.% nickel. Copper can be added to increase plasticity and workability -thanks wikipedia)

But some people hate tradition (like me, lol) OR they think its ugly (not me) and they get white gold...but I just,...after it gets worn down and dull it looks pretty much the same as silver. Maybe experts can tell or some wimens. But I cant. My mother and I compared our white gold and silver rings ...couldnt tell the difference. I guess white gold lets you be different without sounding CHEAP like silver. Oh well.

HERE IS A CL...I is a claddagh ring for your information.

I also dont care for rose, pink or red gold unless its an accent. I dunno it depends how its being USED. Did you know you can get green gold too? Ew. Im not apposed to custom made wedding bands. Theyre more meaningful that way, I think. Thats what Mina and Colin did get, originally.




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