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2:32 a.m. - 2010-05-17

Enjoy your time in the Dog house

Although he was alone while Mina went to NYC. Someone had to stay home and take care of Liam!


UM. OK so my friends are picking me up at the ferry, Im leaving at the 7am ferry. *dies* Im getting a ride, and my incentive to the driver is a Starbucks gift card. Hoho! Its going to be ugly and early for both of us. :( Sorry to the peeps who wanted to go with me but ended up not being able to go. I had to go without you. I want so hard to see the Scottish Highland games. Its going to be unbelievably epic for me. Im also hoping to check out a live Irish Band that plays at an Irish Pub downtown. And uh...theres an Irish store on the same road, lol. Dude, I could have gotten my claddagh ring (in silver) at this Irish store in Lonsdale Quay but I totally forgot that store was there. OH well. Mine was cheaper, and its white gold plated. :/ So whatev. I might get a Celtic knot ring. As long as its really complex. ..Like a really funky design. Yeah! Cant wait. I only wish I could stay longer but the hotel would need to be a bit less then what it is. :'( Oh well.


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