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2:55 a.m. - 2009-07-09

Cruella De Colin!

HOW MEAN;. And now Im transferring meanness to you! hahaha

I downloaded some of his music yesterday. Remember I was never a fan. I liked maybe 2 songs although familiar with others. Listening to it now...really genious. Amazing guitar riff in this one song...Whooohooohooo!

Sometimes you dont appreciate someone until after they are gone! Wasnt hard, because he was so ...weird.

I came home from work, my back all sore and stiff and went to bed. Slept for a couple hours. I think I might be getting a flu. My dad thinks he is too. He probably LOOKED at me and I got it. God! Why must I be so ...easily infected! I had a second blood test done to check my iron but I didnt hear back from the doctor so my iron must be normal. Certain iron deficiency CAN be cured by a treatement of iron, not necessary to take it for life.

Now just because Im feeling off doesnt mean I am getting sick, time will tell. :


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