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12:56 a.m. - 2008-06-01

Because you never know when they might come in handy

You'll recall when I had the real Lee over for dinner the other day that I said she brought me a paper clip for a gift? A yellow one!! That paper clip has great value. Someday, I can trade that paper clip for a house. So truly, that gift was immesurable. XD

I need to make more character thingies for the Dimples cast page. Lee, Lena and Charles do not have charcter pages. Doi! Neither does Tiffy...>< Im just so lazy....Im going to eliminate the "character cards" that I made, too time consuming. Simple HTML will do fine. : If someone has read teh comics from teh beginning, they can see the changes the characters have undergone physically, and recognize that they are still the same characters. I mean, Colin looks the same as the day I first made him ONLY; more sophisticated!

The funeral was packed, its a double hall so the left side was full to the point of people having to stand for the service, and people had filled the right hall half full. Besides that, people who knew Tammy briefly in Toronto were tied in by phone! You never know the impact one persons life can have on many others. Its always harder to go to a funeral for someone who was young. You cant help but think how they were gone too soon and how really, they had their whole life ahead of them. (See Im not dead yet!) Ive been to four funerals since June last year. My cousin. Bernie. George. Now Tammy. My cousin and Tammy were gone far, far too soon. Nobody die anymore for at least a year. Its getting depressing.

Let us never take one single breath for granted.

299 comics to go...

I should have a "Weird looking but still hot" week...Starting yesterday.

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