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3:46 a.m. - 2008-08-04

I can wait

I never want to have a c-section if I dont need one! Major surgery? No thanks!

It used to be that having a c-section was for emergencies or if a woman was unable to have the baby naturally for some reason medically. Now, more and more women are actually are choosing to have a c-section instead, and are too posh to push and this article on the subject of cesarians (elective cesarians) is GOLD.

Qoute: "Pity poor Sean Preston Spears Federline. Not only does he have a baggy-panted slacker for a dad, but his mom couldn't even be bothered to suffer a little pain for a lot of gain on the day of his celebrated birth. Even worse, he's now the poster child for another embarrassing marker that we are surely history's most self-absorbed society -- the elective C-section.

Moms "Too posh to push" are under fire in great Britain.

Oh and apparently "too posh to push" comes from the fact that Victoria Beckham aka POSH Spice had all 3 kids via c-section. ELECTIVE.

238 to go...


Minas D_D


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