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2:44 a.m. - 2010-05-18

Mina's Dad became a fan of the facebook page "If you hurt my daughter Ill make your death look like an accident"

THAT FAN PAGE EXISTS!! WTH?? WHY?? Why this overprotection of daughters?? Phhth..I wouldnt really consider myself a "daddys little girl" type. (I guess the male equivalent would be mommas boy) I love my dad but its not like OMG MY DAD *RUNS AND HUGS INSANELY* *WORSHIPS DAD* Um. No. My dad...I love him. But !!! he can be annoying sometimes!!! >< I guess thats where my character and myself differ in that way...our relationships with our father. HA!

Liam might be too young to understand but he knows who he loves. D'aaaw... I mean...eww!! *vomit* (Also I think I spelled pigeon wrong. Yup. Oops. LOL)

If it rains this weekend I will be FURIOUS >:( I HAVE PLANS


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