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12:05 a.m. - 2008-09-01

My life flashed before my eyes. All 5 days worth...

Thus begins a life long dislike for dogs..same thing happened to me, except I was 3 or 4. Actually....I met a GORGEOUS husky puppy today named Hugo, on our street. SO CUTE!!! I blue eye and the other was mixed.

LOTS of photos up on Flickr from the Vancouver Celebration of Lights fireworks show...worlds largest off shore fireworks competition of its kind. :)

I just realised that there is a generation of children coming thats entire lives have been 'broadcast' on the internet for everyone to see, from first diaper changes to birth photos, from naked bottoms to bris, embarrassing sleeping photos, whatever it is, their lives are not private. I personally hate the naked baby pics MY parents have, how will they feel when they grow up and realize all these pictures of them are out there for the world to see? Im glad its not me, I have a choice about what "parts" of my life I want to broadcast to the intertube community.

I just finished watching Contact with Jodie Foster. (Mmm, I forgot Matthew McConaughey was in that) I thought it was really good. A few parts were a LITTLE long, but some movies are like that, arent they. If it would be possible for ordinary citizens to someday travel space as they please, and it was *cough* totally safe, and fast, I would be the first person in line to explore the universe. I dont think any of us has even the faintest idea how beautiful the universe really is. I mean, we can look at photos of it and be like "ooh, pretty." but until you see the 'grand canyon' with your own eyes, its just not the same.

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