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1:55 a.m. - 2008-04-24

Im beginning to wonder if he's part caveman.

(because hes slung her over his shoulder. If she had long hair would he really drag her? LOL) Thank you for the suggestion Grey.

Hes not being controlling, since she agreed to the class. This is truth. You would have to DRAG me to lamaze class in real life if I was expecting a baby. *scream*

Something is feeling off about Colins upper body in this pose, so Im going to download some male model pics and redo it. Somewhere along the way, his body got lost in translation and I dont like the way its looking. OH NOES. THAT MIGHT EXPOSE ME TO PICTURES OF SHIRTLESS MEN. AHHH MY EYES THEY BURN.


OH maybe I should explain something. HAHAH...oops. In the blog that was here earlier I said "Im not a pedo anymore, wtfreak?". That doesnt mean I was a pedophile! (Eeew?) NO a pedophile is a lover of children, pedo means child, phile means lover. Im not a pedo. I am not a child.

From wikipedia: The word comes from the Greek paidophilia (παιδοφιλία): pais (παις, "child") and philia (φιλία, "love, friendship"). Paidophilia was coined by Greek poets either as a substitute for "paiderastia" (pederasty),[57] or vice versa.[58]

What Im saying is Im not a child anymore, not that I used to be a pedophile. EEEwWWwwwWwW!! Believe me, Ive only ever been attracted to adult men.

His dad is hotter. (Redford. HAHA)

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