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3:39 a.m. - 2008-04-10

Colin is a bleeding heart and a do-gooder

To a certain extent Im like that, but I have no desire to be a superhero, or a hero! which is why I get SO incensed when I see people blow up at innocent workers in the service industry. I just put myself in the workers position and imagine how they must be feeling.

Some people hate bleeding hearts and do-gooders. They think that (and Ive been accused of) we do what we do to make ourselves feel good. Ehhhh. Wrong. Its not about us. Its about them. Its about thinking about the other person and putting their needs first.

Im sorry. I cant write anything funny right now. My brean is dead. Its dead. Its dead! I cant even spell functionally. Or other words either. But read my blog, you might get amused at the ramblings of a crazy person!!

Fact: I deliberately make sure I make Colins hands nice and big. You know what they say about men with big hands dont you? Theyre really good with them.

C'mon! My grandma reads this comic!! Actually I dont want it to appear that he has small, thin, spindly, girly hands. Hes tall, but hes not lanky. What I love about tall men: Those ridiculously long legs. Although it would probably appear that for me, a guy my height or a little taller might be ideal, I find it highly amusing that I can stand up to a guy my height, threaten him with physical harm and be backs off. Thats not attractive to me.

Ill leave the quiz up for another week I guess. I guess the reason I didnt get any notice of test takers is because it no longer asks for email when you make/take the test...I think. >>
Dimples Quiz

Hallo! Went and saw Nims Island today. Its KINDA a kids movie, its a good family film, parents can take their nose miners---I mean precious gifts from God-children--and not be bored or tortured. It was pretty good. Jody Foster is genius as a agoraphobic and possible schizophrenic...Abigail Breslin is absolutely adorable...and GERARD...well. We all know Gerard...dead sexy. XD Hoyes. Mmmmeef! No shirt!! Oh hai Grandma!! *she calls me* *scolds*

Oh hai! I said my brain need a break from reality? NOOOO. In fact, my brain IS on a break from reality. I need a mini-vacation to destress and get it back to earth. ONE DAMN DAY SPENT DOWN TOWN. (Imagine what going to Europe would do to me. SRSLY?!) Maybe Ill run into my mime too.

OH HAI! Pretty sad. I have resort to paying men just to get them to talk to me. >> The mime.

Oh hai! Got an offer once again from daddy to run off with my special guy and elope. 1000$. ONE THOUSAND?! Typically, weddings will cost well over 10,000$, (On average, U.S. couples spend $28,800 for their wedding) so like, c'mon, fork up at least 2000$ and some McDonalds coupons. Cheap skate! Oh hai!


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