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12:05 a.m. - 2008-04-03

NOT helping dad!

My poor, poor bean.


Aw crap.

OH YES. I would like to address the issue of the baby silhouette (IF YOU CANNOT SEE IT do a hard refresh, CTRL +F5 in Windows) above. No it is not a spawn of the devil, even though it appears Mina and Colin in the title, are residing in *cough* Hades. Not at all. I just chose such a background cuz I like the colors. (Oh I herd you leik mudkips?) The reason the baby's eyes look like that (and I was aiming for a animal in the dark, not a evil being, although it is a baby so evil being fits) is because I do want it to look fearful- heres the thing. It is an object of fear, MOSTLY for Mina, and a little for Colin. Hes excited but as we read today, a bit afraid.[At least Colins not afraid for selfish reasons. Hes afraid of being a bad parent!!] Also, it is just a silhouette (with a ?) because obviously its appearance will be a mystery to most of you. So the baby's appearance is symbolic.

Interview at Telus on Friday. WOO. Gunna spend the night at my friends place in New West so I can just walk over. Kinda running out of money for transit. Lol. I also may have a guaranteed spot in a apartment one street up from Columbia st. for anywhere from 615-700. 615 would be best. And getting 40% off my Telus TV, Cable and phone bills will PWN. PWN. Speaking of PWNING, they called me ONE DAY after my test to set up an interview. They said 1 to 2 weeks! PWNG.

But should take some time because I have to save up a bit, and I wont get regular hours right away, as in full time.


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