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12:30 a.m. - 2008-08-18

A little early

You wont be able to be there; Colin will merely come out and present the grand parents with their grandson. Birth is not a spectator sport. Midwives often say that it should be more of a private affair, and relaxed. But whatever, its up to the individual. Theres no WAAAAY Id have anyone beyond the midwife and my spouse there. Then again I know someone who doesnt even want her husband there!!! That is so weird to me.

Apparently in Japanese culture that is common that the father is NOT present at all. So strange. *shrug*

Went to Lonsdale Quay and Gas town with my family today. These are my two favorite places to go, it was nice to share with them. To our surprise there was a motorcycle show n shine going on, hundreds of HOT motorcycles everywhere. ONE WAS LITERALLY HOT, it threw flames (flame thrower?) out of the back end!! It was awesome. You could FEEL the heat!!...and now that Ive seen one in in person I want to get a ammolite ring. Ammolite is fossilized Mother-of-pearl and is VERY expensive as far as 'gem stones' go. It would cost 150$+ for a sterling SILVER ring containing this stone. Yet its probably the most beautiful gem stones Ive ever seen. Its not to be mistaken with abalone which comes from the shell of living sea snails. The difference is fossilization. The fossilization makes the ammolite more glitteringly, radiantly beautiful than any piece of abalone would ever be. The photos dont do it justice.

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