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2:49 a.m. - 2010-03-01

It would be like looking at paper!

This happened. That is literally what he said to us. He took our tickets and did that! It was hilarious. And thats about what he looked like too. You know, a really sophisticated looking doorman! Yeaahh...anyway he 'turned us away' and we came back the next day and it was sunny and gorgeous! Thanks dude.

Tickets to the ESB are 18.45 (+1.55 tax)...thats not too bad. BUT! I was a smarty, realising we didnt have much time in NYC and got EXPRESS PASS tickets. That allows you to walk right PAST the lines of people with regular tickets, so you can literally get up there without standing in line for hours! The Express pass tickets are 41.52$ (+3.48 tax) so almost 50$ US!! So yeah...thats throwing away money if you go on a rainy day!

I am so sick right now. I have a cold. I wont be going to work. This sucks because I have to make an important stop to the post office!!! But right now my face HURTS. And I took drugs, so it now actually hurts LESS. Its crazy how much it actually hurts from a cold. :(

Well the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over. Not only did Canada pwn the worlds butt for GOLD but we PWNED the US for gold in MENS & WOMENS hockey!

Not that I care. >>

7 to go...



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