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1:10 a.m. - 2008-08-20

Brave Colin wants to be a cop! LUL!


Hehe. Leather pants.

Im not sure if Colin looks like a vampire, a mime, or a vampire mime or a mime vampire!! XD

OH. I went to great efforts to get the police radio transmission sounding realistic. I listened to live radio transmissions over the internet from San Fransisco (but found the static made it too hard to understand) and then I just googled like crazy. I finally came up with some stuff on Wikipedia about police radio codes (called 10 code), and tried to kinda make it sound as real as possible. *sigh* Feel free to correct me if you know this stuff.

I made this incredible variation on this frappe that my friend Lena taught me to make. Usually, I serve the coffee over ice so its ice cold and not just tap water cold. But instead, this time, I served the coffee over a few scoops of Safeway brand "Moose Tracks" iced cream. OH MY GOSH. And slurp it up with a straw!! You have NO IDEA. SO GOOD. Of course, thats not something you can have TOO often D:.

AS you can see, sorry to say, the DD has been discontinued. I got so sick of having to think of someone on a daily basis. D: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

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