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12:13 a.m. - 2008-06-30

Mina's solution to their carbon footprint.

*yawn* Environmentalism. Pointless. We're pretty much all sitting ducks, frogs in a pot. People who cant see the forest through the trees. The stupidest superior species that ever roamed the earth. Doom is upon us, so why fight the inevitable!! HARHARHARHAR NO Im not saying we shouldnt do anything I just like saying that.

Also a true story. HEHE. I totally blew my carbon tax check on MYSELF!!!!!!!! IN YOUR FACE GORDON CAMPBELL!!

Check out this old pic of Ryan...NOT BAD EH? Hair is lame I know, but WOW at everything else. I wonder if he still looks like that under that suit...I dont prefer six pack abs myself, I prefer a flat stomach or even a little paunch, (LITTLE) although I dont think six packs are ugly, unless they are overly defined. See, back in B4-4, it was mostly about image.

Do you know what I hate about the summer heat wave? Internet always goes out constantly. Hello. Summer heatwave is here. I can tolerate the heat, but I cant stand my internet going out!! Its 34 degrees in my room. IN MY ROOM. I mean, living quarters.

Gir is one strange cat. First of all, he walks like a tiger, a drunk tiger. Maybe he just has a teenager body still. When you sleep, he must sleep with you, but preferably on you. I woke up on Saturday with his face sleeping on mine. (At least it wasnt his bum) I woke up with him sleeping usually by my head, but also on my legs too. And what a meow! He is so loud. He is like Comet was. SO LOUD.

I got my tickets for Greyhound today. 24 to get from Kamloops to Vernon and from Vernon to home, 42, so not so bad! I was expecting to pay 60$ to get home but because I booked in advance, I didnt have to spend so much! And it means I dont have to go home and listen to voices in my head that wont shut up. It also means I need to make enough comics to last me...NINE DAYS D: CRIPES

WOW what a voice.

His official Myspace page. WOW! Kids got a gift.

272 to go...

Try to remember when he used to be hot. Best feature: Lips.

Mina's Daily Drool...haahaha


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