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12:01 a.m. - 2008-07-07

You could do something eat olive loaf, until you puke!

This is the first time youve seen all of me in the comic. Youve seen my hand, once or twice but NOW ITS REALLY ME. HAHAHAHHA HARARARAR!!


There are a number of things that I refuse to do. It might make me boring but I think I might live longer as a result...and with fewer injuries. Like I said before, Kayaking scares me, like me and my dad both refuse to get into boats that rock when you step on to them, so small pleasure crafts, rafts, canoes and kayaks are out of the question. I CANT SWIM! I do want to learn sometime between 30 and 40, just not now. Second, I refuse to ski, or snowboard. If there is a chance I could sail into a tree and break my neck, I wont do it. I have a fear of extreme high speeds and losing control at those extreme high speeds and breaking a limb! And spelunking. Well, it depends. See, Id like to explore some caves, but to the point where you would have to crawl between very narrow crevasses, NO WAY. I have bad claustrophobia in that case. I also hate underground parking, I always have this stupid paranoia that I will get trapped underground during a earthquake!!!! I KNOW. Well how many times have we seen some poor soul, trapped under some hundreds of tons of concrete, having to be rescued a week later, soiled pants and all. UGH. Not my idea of taking time off.

265 to go...

Im putting this on hiatis unless evil Gwyn posts it...she still has my password!!

She WILL post one!! I have control!!!

Gwyn's D-D! - In honor of Stampede

WARNING - Extreme Hotness Involved...


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