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3:04 a.m. - 2009-02-06

Snappy answers to stupid questions

This guy comes into work usually around 4:30, 5, and has been for as long as Ive been there. He usually gets a coffee or cappuccino, and lately hes been bringing in his adorable 12 year old daughter. I think shes 12, shes my hieght! She goes for Tyke Won do lessons near by. I would have assumed music class...heh. Anyway. It always used to be just him. I think his daughter is actually half chinese, and her father is possibly adopted by Canadians. The reason I say that is his name is as "white" as "Howard Johnson". Now, its true, when some Asian people immigrate into Canada they take names that are similar to their name (maybe in sound but not meaning? I dunno) but even if he chose howard for his first name typically the last name stays the same. So Howard LEE or Howard CHONG but not Howard Johnson. Its puzzling but I think this is the case, he was adopted. His English is perfect.

I turned on the TV when I got home and saw this...nummmmmm. Beautiful no? He's on private practice. Theres a number of hotties on that show. And then theres THIS treat from Life on Mars. Mmm, Irish lads. Since the DD is gone, I thought Id give you a little treat. :) YOURE WELCOME.


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