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1:57 a.m. - 2008-04-08

Wise planning

Well he does heal faster, but hes not indestructable and yea, he still feels pain.

Take the quiz. First person with highest score gets to see a pic of the baby which is ridiculously cute for a baby. If youve already SEEN it (one or two people hehe) then the pic will go to the next person.
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So here is what was wrong with my computer: . Sometimes when I click destop icons, they flicker rapidly (its like the computer is on speed, the desktop is refreshing rapidly?) and the icon I clicked on (Say Firefox) is not the program that comes up (Say MSN messanger). Also when I click on menus, the menus will come up (all of them) rapidly, and the line that highlights each menu will rapidly go up and down each menu, so I cant select anything. Its REALLY frustrating. Either the problem resolves itself or I have to reboot. Last night, I was trying to make a comic and I couldnt even get my files to display in Photoshop or Illustrator. I got this error message that said "Not enough memory to display images". I was also talking to a friend on MSN and the Messanger window would frequently just disappear. So I shut it off and went to bed.

And here is what I did: This morning, I decided to burn a bunch of episodes I had on this machine to DVD as DATA DVDs to watch them directly off of that. Then I deleted the files from my computer. I deleted over 1000 images from my Webcam (YEA CRAZY) album, and deleted photos from my old Kodac digicam that I didnt need. Im going to clean up more files and I just did a disk clean up on the C Drive.

Last night 85% of my disc space was used, now its 70%. I think I will end up buying more CDs and just burning photos and stuff for quick access, and then delete them. Right now, its fine, no problems as of yet, but who knows.

If youve got any suggestions or ideas beyond what Ive done, let me know. Thanks!

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