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12:45 a.m. - 2010-02-10

Bon Voyage

Uh hello

This is comic 1979. THAT WAS A GOOD YEAR IN WORLD HISTORY. FREAKING AWESOME. At least after May 22...teehee.

So like...IM BACK!? Yeah. Its been 4 months 1 week since I last made a comic. Or about that. See, when I got back from NYC one thing after another went wrong in life and the icing on the cake was this irritating customer who was there everyday for nearly my entire shift. Hes finally gone now, it was like the wieght of the world was lifted from my shoulders! And then my moms cat died and that was HORRIBLE but I still had to work. God, I wanted to die, it was so bad. You cant just grieve while working. You have to go one like nothing is wrong. It was TERRIBLE.

But things are back to normalish now and Im doing GREAT. I have NO IDEA what the update schedule will be yet as I am PROFOUNDLY LAZY these days.

NYC profound and amazing and life changing. I loved it so much.

21 to go...



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