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2:35 a.m. - 2008-05-29

Know when to butt out


Actually my mom has promised to never meddle in my marriage, as her mother used to and she hated it. I tend to trust her on that but I wonder about my dad..

About 1 week ago my dad took it upon himself to intercede into a friendship of mine and "parent" it, by going behind my back and talking to my friend about said issue. I was going to ask him not to, but I forgot and then I found out that he did (so typical!) and of course I grew very hot with anger. However, I waited a week before talking to my dad so I didnt address him whilst I was still angry, and then I told him I didnt appreciate him doing that, as I do not need him to speak for me, when I could have done it myself. (I also dont agree with the position he was talking against us...). If he did this between my boyfriend and I and it caused a rift that was irreparable, I would probably go to hell, as I could not forgive that situation. My anger would be too great..HOWEVER...highly doubt that'd happen.

THough I did have a friend who was willing to stop hanging with me just to put my parents minds at ease. XO Thank GOD we're still friends!

So uh....I added this application on Facebook that sounds pretty cool. You can start your own Nation and run it as you see fit. You can have issues arise daily, 5 days a week, 3 times a week, once a week, or not at all, its up to you. Heres about my nation:(I didnt make the description up. The description is based on 5 questions about politics that you choose, and then it changes every time you handle a issue.

Republic of Kessadovia (named after Kes!!)

The Republic of Kessadovia is ruled by President Mina McKay. New leadership for this country is based solely on hereditary birthright. Three ton computing systems are the crowning achievement of this country's technological advancements. Health care is available to any citizen whose personal insurance is accepted by the medical community.

The citizens of Kessadovia follow a general rule to only pick fights with weaker individuals and stay out of the way of stronger individuals. Though most of this country's militia is poor farmers, there are a few Spartan quality citizens to whom the safety of the nation is entrusted. Religious practice and public observances are allowed, but no policies may be created to advance any given expression of religious thought. All children in Kessadovia ages five to thirteen are eligible for free placement testing to determine their proper schooling placement.

Huge concerns about the environment have prompted this government to research how humans impact nature and then hire a prominent public figure to exaggerate the information to ensure citizen participation. Privatization of corporations and free market are new concepts developing in this country, and many feminist movements have butted heads with masculine movements, spurring this nation's first 'Peoplist Movement'.

Recent News in Kessadovia
Local officials have been silenced in their attempt to eradicate local religious institutions.

Mina McKay has enforced tax reform which takes from the rich and gives to the poor.
So I sent some people an invite to this. If youre on my friends list and are interested let me know in the chat box. Everyone seems to start with 100 citizens. You can have allies and enemies. You can customize your own flag, once youve earned 50 pnts, but for now I have the German flag representin. Nikheil, I sent you an invite to it.

How can I feature anyone new if you dont give me any ideas!

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