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2:54 a.m. - 2010-03-02

Moist your eyes!

This happened. She insisted I took it! I was getting annoyed. So I let her have it! I LOVE YOU.

And I never took it. I DO NOT USE MOISTURIZER, EVER. Except maybe on that rare occasion after using a bathroom if there is a bottle of moisturizer there Ill squirt a little and use it. I do tend to get dry hands from washing dishes at work but I really, really, realllllly reallllllllly dont give a crap. I just. Dont. Care. OH GOSH! "She doesnt care about her skin so she doesnt care about herself!" You know what? No. Thats such bullcrap. I am not willing to shell out 10$ a bottle on something that just makes my hands slippery and attracts dirt! At least spending 4$ on shampoo produces clean hair. What does moisturizer do? Other then to "promise" to moisturize! NO thanks. I think that sometimes those chemical laden moisturizers just make skin WORSE! And a lot of them are perfumed. I wont wear anything that contains perfumes due to peoples sensitivities to perfumes. I dont have a perfume sensitivity per say, but it does sometimes make me sneeze. I dont like shaking sweaty palms, greased up moisturized hands ARE NO BETTER. I can understand that people with severe skin problems might need moisturizer but I DO NOT! And you might even say "but if you dont moisturize now you'll look old when you're 50".

You really, really really really realllllly think so? Lol. First, do I look like Im worried about what the next 20 years will bring regarding AGING? Wrong. Second, people say I look 20 so when Im 50 Ill look 40 and 40 is the new 30 so when Im 50 Ill actually look 30, bite me! Within the next 20 years Ill have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on NOT buying moisturizer while my counterparts will have spent much on it. But hey, its their prerogative. I dont care if they do! Its something Im really proud of you know, my amazing ability to save money. Go ahead, ask me how much money I have in my tip jar fish bowl on my desk. Third, I just dont care. I really, really dont. Its a luxury I dont want.

I hate moisturizer. /end rant.

So based on my little rant, you can probably tell Im not the type of girl to waste money on spas and spa treatments and facials and all that stupid pampering stuff other women enjoy. Oh god no, not unless I want nightmares for a week. Id rather go to an open casket funeral. Im sorry, but not my cup of tea. Me= not high maintenance.

I am so sick right now. I have a cold. I wont be going to work. This sucks because I have to make an important stop to the post office!!! My face has stopped hurting (YAY) but I still feel icky. Have to go back to work on Wednesday. :(

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