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1:52 a.m. - 2008-08-13


Im just making random comics now, trying NOT to write about the little creature that will be arriving soon, since for a while, it will dominate the comic, although I will try to be balanced. I think todays is boring but my mind is BLANK.

I have a job interview at Planet Java today. I was really surprised to get a call back, since that doesnt happen very often. Ill be even more surprised to be hired, since good things dont happen to often around here. But Ill try to be positive even though Im pretty much a pessimist. Well. Im also a realist. I see things for what they are, not what they could be. I dont actually 'believe' in being optimistic because it just sets MYSELF up for disappointment. But I keep my doubts to myself for the most part.

Anyway Planet Java is a coffee shop my friends and I have been frequenting since we were teenagers. You can also play pool there. I love the place, it has a great atmosphere, though the new owner kicks people out after theyve finished their food if theyre not buying more. Its kind of stupid. Not right away, but he will approach people and ask them to leave. D: You can buy food like biscotti, muffins, cookies, pastries, cakes, dessert bars, also pizza (its cold, so they warm it up), soup, sandwiches, fruit cups, bagels with cheese and eggs, ...a lot of stuff. They serve fruit smoothies, frapps, blended iced coffees, Ill have to learn all that stuff. Ill be a barista, but more than that. Im glad its Planet Java though that Im interviewing at and NOT Starbucks. As much as Im a Starbucks whore, I dont actually desire to work there. Its too...busy and full of elitist snobs. LIKE ME HAHHA

Im really good at singing this song when I channel my RAAAAAAAAAAGE...

231 to go...

Mmm hello

Minas D_D


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I shall remain your obedient servant,


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