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12:36 a.m. - 2010-03-10

He's covered.

S and I had just finished walking over the Brooklyn bridge. The single most memorable moment of my It was so amazing. What a marvelous structure, so beautiful. She was tired, I was energetic to boot. I could have danced circles around her. I charged full speed ahead across that bridge with incredible enthusiasm. Finally reaching the end we excitedly snap photos of the most beautiful buildings we've ever seen. Then we sat on the bench and relaxed. OR at least, she did. I procede to make a short little video. Then we relax and just enjoy the view. It had finally stopped raining and the sky was actually clearing. It was sometime around 5pm and we were famished. So we got up and continued walking off the bridge. There, at the corner of Tillary street, we met rather unexpectedly with some family, who we talked to briefly. They had to go, but we continued on and went into a diner there, as it was the closest food joint we could find immediatly after having gotten off the bridge. We went in and both ordered the Chicken slouvaki. It was sooooo dry, tough and disgusting. But we were hungry so we ate it. I had an egg cream. Then we filled out our post cards and decided to leave. We caught a cab back into Manhattan. The next day our bus driver had a tour scheduled for us that was in Brooklyn. Would you like to know where he took us for breakfast?



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