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2:17 a.m. - 2008-04-20

No she doesnt. She's just in a good mood. You should write it down

Kinda sad that Colin doesnt hug back or know what to say...Poor pet, Mina's been in a permanent bad mood, its those hormones. ^^; Kinda like me for reals except I dont have pregnancy hormones OBVIOUSLY, but I drink buckets of coffee to counteract the effect of my foul disposition. Im not affectionate at the best of times. Yet I still have to be a nice person!

Sigh Why do people like to make fun of my height, I really dont care that Im 5'2, its ok for women to be short, so like WTFreak? It doesnt bother me. Im not that short- Im taller than everyone in the Philippines. WHAT?! Its TRUE.

Hmmm, oh yea. I had to go to a funeral tonight. AGAIN. Would people kindly stop dying? Srsly? Any day now. Anyway. This was a funeral for someone I knew when I was a little girl, his name was George. Last name was the same as the first name, except with "opoulous" on the end. I remember him pretty well from my childhood. The sad thing is, he was only 72, and also, his mind was pretty much gone. He struggled with poor health for 18 years, and had Alzheimer's. Thats the saddest part of all.

At the funeral, I ran into someone else who I knew when I was little, my old friend Ian Peck. Hes about 5 years older(65) than my dad but I love him so!!! Hes so charming, funny and so kind. First thing he said to me was "Well if it isnt the prettiest girl in the Fraser valley!" A gross overstatement, but still. Ian asked me if I was married, as he always does, I said no, he said "Soon!" I was like "OH GOD!" You really think so? HILF MIR!! ~Runs away!~ Then he insisted I invite him to my wedding!! (If hes still alive by then, LOL) Thats ok I guess, I guess Ill have to have 42 wedding guests instead of 40. That is, if I decide Im fit to commit and take on that ol' ball and chain. Gulp...He seemed happiest to see ME, because he kept looking at me while we were talking, not my parents, he said "You'll always have a friend in me". I was like "aaaaw". I love him so!! Mine other puhpa.


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