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12:00 a.m - 2008-06-28

If this werent based on a actual conversation, it would be really offensive, although inwardly, we all think its hilarious!

100% true story. My mom ACTUALLY said that. Of course, she probably didnt think before she said "wiener", shes not that naive.

So I went out for a walk today on Cambie st., since I looked up the nearest Starbucks location (Im a consumer whore, ok? There I said it), and walked down to it. It was in a mall, and while there I picked up a few groceries, like coke, rum, rum, coke, juice, PS. I Love You, Uncle Bens instant microwaveable rice (cuz Im too lazy to cook real rice haha as if), some honey, and I guess that was it. I walked home and 2 hours later I finally unlazied myself and made food for consumption. I cooked up teh chicken breast and threw some flavored powder on it for taste appeal. I started looking through Nikheil's spices, and was like..."WHAT THE HECK IS FENUGREEK?" (Firefox doesnt even acknowledge FENUGREEK) and so I passed up on anything that looked herbal. Ah, chemicals, there we go. Laden with salt. Perfect! And so, after frying up the chicken and microwaving the rice, I sat down to watch PS I Love You and teh CAT! TEH CAT! GETS IN MY FACE AND IS LIKE "FOODS!" and Im like "I FED YOU!". This cat is HAHAH...little brat!! Cant eat in peace!! Oh well. Hes a doll! Tomorrow, as I have no other plans to speak of, Im gunna walk to downtown, and then from there, who knows.

So Nikheil and Kyle have one of those bath tubs that has legs. Like a old fashioned, really deep bath tub. Cept, its only got a shower attachment and I dont want to shower in it! I want to SOAK in this thing. Full! D: I guess I could put the plug in and let the shower go till its full. Ahhhhhh. Relaxation!

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