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3:35 a.m. - 2008-11-24

Poor baby!

See if you made fun of me for THIS obsession you'd be making fun of my social disorder. And thats just not nice! ;D My social disorder predisposes me to this kind of music, I cannot help it. I cant speak for his other fans though. Turns out my friend Maria said that next time, call her to go, because she has the first album. Also, Lena said she would go even though shes not a fan in particular. Nice to know Ive got friends willing to go so I dont have to go alone next time. It feels a little nerdy to go to a concert alone.

I do lots of things solo though, even going to movies. What I refuse to do though, is to go to a restaurant like White Spot or Red Robins, alone. McDonalds is fine, or fast food places but not ACTUAL restaurants where a waitress would bring you a THAT'd feel SO awkward.

Im used to doing things solo and I love it that way. I dont have someone talking to me nonstop when I just crave quiet time. But hey, face time with friends is awesome too! :D

Im really tired...but...

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