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Farewell - 2012-02-29
Comic # 2065 Mina finally snaps - 2010-07-16
Comic # 2064 WAY TO RUIN MY FAVOURITE MOVIE - 2010-07-15
Comic # 2063 Let the sibling rivalry begin - 2010-07-13
Comic # 2062 You still are - 2010-07-12

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12:25 a.m. - 2012-02-29


First of all, I'd like to apologize for never really finishing this comic or giving you any closure (LOL) or explanation as to what happened.

Well...The kids are doing good and Colin is an RCMP officer and loving his job. Mina still works at the aquarium.

So to appease you...Ive started this brand new blog over here....

Things mum says. Its literally just the ridiculous things my mom says. If you would be interested. My mom says some pretty hilarious things sometimes. Hopefully you'll be facepalming.

Okay so the reason I cant really continue this comic are 1) I dont have the proper programs on my new laptop to do so 2) My old XP computer was so old and slow that I just couldnt really do it anymore with out a lot of freezing up, and frustration.

If you're interested in knowing whats gone on in my life in the last few years since my last entry....

I finally fulfilled my biggest dream! I went on a adventure through England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales! AND I DID IT ALL ON MY OWN!!(I went on a guided tour but I went by myself) It was simply one of the best things Ive ever done with my life! I will never forget how incredible it was in that plane as we circled London waiting to land. I could see all the famous landmarks. Big Ben, Parliament, The London Eye, the Thames, Buckingham Palace. It was so incredible. I finally made it!

I also lost my grandmother last year, almost a year ago (On thurs). That was extremely rough.

But moving on and everything is okay. I'm currently seeking employment so that I can start saving for the next big adventure! :D


I remain your obedient servant,


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