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2:50 a.m. - 2010-03-24

Last night in hotel room

You know it seems when I have alcohol I end up in some bathroom on the floor laughing INSANELY?? (Even Nikheil can attest to this) Oh man it was bad. I had a 24 oz beer...shared about 4 oz with a friend on the tour and had the rest to myself. I was fine until I got into our hotel room. I went into the bathroom, I think the roll fell off the holder for the thenth billionth time and that might have triggered insane laughter. S was like "Are you ok?" LOL and then I finally came out and it didnt stop there. I went into bed and just roared with laughter. S wasnt really laughing with me but at me. I could not control myself. And then! The neighbors in the next suite got mad and were like "WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP!" It was only 11ish. Of course, they got up at 7 am and were equally NOISY.

Off topic
OK so...After careful research into the story and meaning behind Claddagh rings, Ive decided that should I ever marry Id like to have one. Previously, I said I would want just a plain gold band. Im a simple girl, I dont need stupid diamonds to squeal and show off to my girl friends. I would rather enjoy their puzzled looks when I "show off" my Claddagh ring. Theyre a traditional Irish ring, and I hate to say it but I doubt few non-Irish Canadians heard of them. In fact...I only heard about them recently (not from Leap Year either) and was like "Aawww," I really really like the meaning behind it and what the hands, heart and crown represent. I have an intense hatred for most wedding traditions anyway. So unless I elope or am an off beat bride...I hate it all. Yeah. And consider this; the cost of a simple gold Claddagh ring, even one purchased from Ireland, is STILL a lot less expensive then most of the engagement-diamond wedding sets you can buy here. And you dont need two rings. One is enough. The position of the ring on the hand and finger signifies if the wearer is single and available, single and NOT available, engaged or married! So I would imagine...during the ring ceremony part you would need only switch the rings position. No snot nosed ring bearer required.

Yeah. I hate it all. The flower girl, the ring bearer. The white dress. Really, if I have to have a white dress it would have to be as plain and simple as possible. (That does not mean it needs to be ugly either) About the only reason I can think of for me having a fancy dress is to get the groom in a morning or tailcoat..but whatever. I just think its a lot of silliness really. WHY does anyone have to do ANY of that? You dont! Its your wedding, you get to choose what you want at it. I ALWAYS question things you "HAVE TO" do in terms of ridiculous traditions. Why do you have to do ANYTHING! (Unless you want to) I just dont like to be told what to do when its not necessary.

That having been said I wish I hadnt done Mina & Colins wedding traditional style. BUT I suppose I wanted to see Colin in a tailcoat. LOLOL


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