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2:10 a.m. - 2008-05-24

Indiana Jones and the Bowel Movement of Doom!

It was really cool. NO SPOILERS I SWEAR!!

I got paid, so I was able to pay father for the RyanDan tickets. Now they are as good as mine. I still owe him 60$ for randomness but thats nothing. Ive got a friend who applied at Ebay (not the online) so as soon as I get a hold of him I will ask the hours. Lets face it, I cant go through a NCO 2.0. I cant have hours where I get off at 630...that might sound strange to you but unfortunately I have other commitments that have to take priority, and that kind of limits me, which can suck A LOT but what can you do? You wouldnt begin to understand where Im coming from here but oh well. Some of you do. If EBAY is NOT ridiculous shifts and the hours arent crazy, Ill apply for sure. ITs basically customer support via email, live chat and phone for EBAY users. Yea, pretty basic if you ask me. No sales or collections!

Oh and the pay is 15$/hour so yay good!

Anyway as I said, I got paid, so I paid off the RD tix, and what Im going to do is put some of this cash in the bank so I can PAY MY PHOTOBUCKET BILL which is due in less than a month!! Ill pay it like...tomorrow. It will leave me with some left over cash which Id like to save for the concert. Ill buy a RyanDan shirt, one on each...whups!


Im going to kill myself. Dad actually spoke to Derrick about you know what. WHY WHY WHY WHY. Where is the nearest cliff and can I hurl myself over it now? Someone shoot me, youd be doing me a favor. Why do I want to kill myself? MURDERS ILLEGAL THATS WHY.

@.@ <---Psycho me.

OH! OOOOOH. I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. COOOOOOL.

You think he's hot...admit it.

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