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12:43 a.m. - 2010-04-06

Anniversary episode 3

He has a name! You will find out tomorrow. Since I had the day off, I worked on the cast page but its not done. I also have to archive about 2 years worth of comics. X(

I am not responsible for any dry cleaning or electronics damaged due to vomiting from the sappiness of this comic.

OH well. Now we know its another boy. Because Id rather die then have a daughter. I mean if she was a girly girl, which I am NOT I would kill her. KILL HER. Unless I mold her with absolute precision to be a non-conformist geek girl. Other wise I would not be able to relate to her. Also girls tend to be whiny -----.
Yeah, I said it.

You know. Im not a girly girl by any means but 2 things I obsess about. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows and perfect hair. IF my hair looks like poop, Im not happy. See it is the artist in me that wants these things too look good. Even if my short hair makes me look like a boy I...

dont care...

But I still want it to look perfect. So if you've seen me with a bad hair day, and oh you will (its naturally curly), know that i was feeling really uncomfortable. See the thing about my eyebrows is..I HATE when I see girls with eyebrows that are shaped like SPERM or rainbows. YOUR EYEBROWS SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE SPERM OR RAINBOWS!


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