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3:34 a.m. - 2008-04-12

You asked for it, pal

Have you seen Boohbah? Its extremely creepy show from - big surprise, once again, BRITAIN, the same origins of that creepy Teletubbies. Ive seen that show, it was the most mind numbing tripe Ive ever seen. I wouldnt let my kid watch either. Id rather entertain them for an hour than let them watch that. Ugh!

I HATE figure skating and figure skating Disney princesses is even worse. I can only watch and enjoy Scott Hamilton and Kirt Browning. Hate Elvis Stoyko and his mullet. HATE! 80s are over pal. Yea. I hate it. I hate watching ANY and ALL sports. Well. I suppose I can tolerate gymnastics because their feats impress me so, but only when the Olympics is on.

Dont get me started with Disney princesses. I LIKE them, but I dont. I have issues with this whole "princess" thing. Its difficult to explain and it is due to my warped view of warped society. Please ignore the ramblings of this crazy person.

I do have a favorite though- BELLE.

Ill leave the quiz up for another week I guess. I guess the reason
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Tomorrow Im busy until at LEAST 4:30..


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