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3:47 a.m. - 2010-05-07

And fish are kittens of the sea!

OK so this is a new look for Nikheil...if you dont like it let me know but I did try to do you justice and make you look like yourself. :p

Nikheil did say this to me..I laughed. I wasnt offended. Shes vegan..I am not. Actually its funny because PETA had this whole campaign to save the fishes by trying to appeal to people by calling fish "kittens of the sea". Well theyre soft, slimy and adorable, would you eat sea kittens? LOL this is the actual picture of the sea kittens. I hardly think this is what Nikheil was thinking of at the time!

You might wonder why Colins last name is Scottish if he is Irish. Or not. Simple. Obviously his grandfather had a Scottish ancestor. Simple as that. Hardly uncommon. Anyway, if is mother had not been forced to give him up, it wouldnt have been McKay at all. (I looked up the meaning of McKay, its origin seems to be Scottish. Meh. OR MAYBE IT DOESNT MATTER. Maybe it is Irish? I dont know, dont care.

Im kind of sick. I have a cough. I wasnt feeling good last night at all. I woke up this morning and couldnt talk at all. Everyones got it. Its bollocks.

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