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4:07 a.m. - 2007-09-07

Seeking comfort...eep!

Today I saw a woman pulled over in her car slam her head on the steering wheel and start crying. When my friends asked if she was ok, she said she'd be ok and they asked if it was a 'man' that was upsetting her, and she nodded.

Todays comic, and the lady I saw today, are SO not me. I NEVER cry publicly except at funerals. I find it pretty much impossible to hold it together for that. Anything else, I am not the type of 'chick' to cry at the drop of a hat over almost anything minor...including the drop of a hat!

Oh noes the poor hat!

This is a drawing I did here,. Its actually REALLY you can see I blotted out one of the eyes and redid it. I am going to blot out and redo the mouth too, and move up. He does have a rather long filtrum, but not THAT much. If you sign up for this, please put your referrer as pearl_girl79 @! Thanks bebes! Oh, and wait for the image to load, you can actually watch the progression of ME drawing it!

Um. I think Ill go to Lonsdale Quay today. There was something I saw that I wanted but couldnt afford. (12$!!!) Yea, and itll be fun. My last 'summer' trip into Vancouver. Man. I hope I get a job in the city. Even if I dont LIKE the job that much, to be in the city...*weeps for joy* Where I live, not sure. Any ideas friends? (As long as it doesnt start with a S and and with Y or C and Y or E and N. G and Y would be great but not ready for that yet. ;))

Hey!! I havent talked about my favorite band in a while...what, 2 days? I wanted to share a video. Its the song 'Mutter', which means 'mother'. Its a song about a clone and how it never had a mother. Its quite sad really. Yes, you hear 'nippel leckin" in the song. Hes saying how he never got to breast feed. Nothing perverted, I assure you, pervs. Well duh, hes a clone! No mutter! I love how he cries for a mother at the end. ITS NOT ANGST!!!!!! Youre just too good for bass. ....


Bitte, dont tell meine mutter...she would not approve. T_T BUT I LOVE HIM! I WONT MARRY CAL, I WONT!!

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