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2:43 a.m. - 2009-07-22

Girls night

So I dont know if I covered this in the comic but when I went to the RyanDan concert with Liz, we were both belting out to the music on the ride home. She looks over at me and my forehead is beaded with sweat. OK first, it was HOT in that car as it was JUNE, and second, its very strenuous effort to reach and sustain a high note! Which it was! But all my friends joked for a few weeks after that, saying 'the twins made me sweat'...

I LOVED Les Mis by the way. Would love to see it again but alas, not enough $$. I still like Phantom better. I think I can relate to the Phantoms hideousness and his desire to hide away from the general human populous! Hahah

I mean his love of music..>>

Charlie often brings home live or dead prey. Yesterday he brought home, believe it or not, a GOLD FISH. It was about the length of my palm. A good size. Really cute, pretty. I found it out in the yard. Alive, but not moving. I put it in a old fish tank with water which I treated for cholorine, and waited. It eventually ended up dying around 11 pm. I kinda wanted it to live but I knew it wouldnt. :(

Yeah so Im being treated for sinus infection right now and I get a lot of headaches with it so Im down for the count most of the time. Sorry about that. Also the antibiotic causes vampirism so I cant have prolonged sun exposure.


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