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1:01 a.m. - 2008-05-25

I spy

My dad has a tendency to say that. I think what he means is the meal was restaurant quality. NOT LIKE THE USUAL GARBAGE YOU MAKE.


I had my friend Lee (of the comic) over for dinner and a movie tonight (Ohhohoho!) and I made eggplant Parmesan, and it was well received; this time I had fresh basil on hand as the recipe calls for, so it was even better than the first time!....and she brought me a gift: a house. Well. A paper clip so I can trade up, so its as good as a house!! Anyway, we watched War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise (OMG HE CAME OVER TO MY HOUSE AND HE WAS SO NICE TILL HE STARTED PREACHING THAT SCIENTOLOGY CRAP!! SO WE MADE HIM LEAVE AND WATCHED THE MOVIE ALONE!!), which was really good. I hadnt seen it before. Well, technically I had seen the last little bit of it, I think it was on TV, but I hadnt seen it from start to end, and I couldnt remember what I had seen. That little Dakota Fanning is a good actress you know. Shes 14 now, and actually turning out to be quite a pretty girl. I think though, as far as child actors go, Abigail Breslin is way cuter than Dakota was.

I forgot to tell Lee, the first time I remember tasting eggplant was probably a few years ago, it was on a vegetarian pizza at Planet Java. It was thinly sliced and I just remember thinking it was so good! After that, I didnt have it again until I tried it in Green Thai curry.



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