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12:14 a.m. - 2008-08-19

DUH, why didnt I think about that

I was thinking: Multiple babies is a pretty legit (besides heath and emergency) reason for having a c-section. Can you imagine giving birth to 6 in a row? Its not like poopin'! I guess "elective c-sections" is a personal decision but I think its personally stupid. >.> But whatever, not my body, not my business. :)

I might be inclined to say I enjoy my job BUT its still fairly early in the game so we'll see how it goes. The only thing I still screw up on is the cash register BUT Ill get it. Its not hard, its just a matter of remembering. Most of the time I get it right. As for making coffee, I dont make brewed coffee as of yet. My boss makes that and then customers serve themselves which ever brew they want, dark or mild. I make americano, espresso, cappuccino, latte, frapps(blended with ice) or iced coffee ON ice. But we also have breakfast, and lunch meals, so I make sandwiches and basically, if someone orders lasagne or quiche, I microwave it. OH. And there is pool tables, probably 10, 12 of them, so people can play pool there, and theres 2 computers with internet acess. Today, I got to clean the mens (ew) and womans washrooms. I clear and clean tables.

I get a free lunch and pop or bottled water (except its nestle, ew) also, and tips. Not bad huh? The sandwiches are made with this amazing bread on thick slices. So good!!

I realised I dont have any Garth Brooks music on my ipod. Thats wrong. I grew up listening to him. So I downloaded a ton and now Ive got it on here. I still like some country, but not nearly as much as I used to. I hate that new song by Sugarland. So obnoxious!!----- Ok, so its been a little while since I wrote this, and Ive been listening to him on my pod. ITS FANTASTIC...takes me back and I love it. He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. RAWR!!

For Gwyn <3

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